The Wildlife Clubs of Kenya - a powerful ally in peace

The Wildlife Clubs of Kenya logo

Janam has partnered with The Wildlife Clubs of Kenya, a charitable, non-governmental organization formed in 1968 by Kenyan students. It was the first conservation education program of its kind on the continent of Africa. According to Dr. George Schaller: "WCK is the most effective grass-roots program of its kind in all of Africa." WCK was elected to the United Nations Environment Programme Global 500 Honor Roll in 1986. The WCK is comprised of a network of over 2,000 clubs serving 200,000 Kenyan youth throughout the country and represents a powerful ally in recruiting, screening, and educating a wide range of culturally and ethnically diverse youth within Kenya.

Janam Peace Building entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with the WCK as of January 11th , 2010 to run this training program within their organization. The section WCK Courses outline the highly successful courses that were run by WCK instructors as a part of the Pathways to Peace program.

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