Our Mission

The mission of Janam Peace Building (JPB) Foundation is "to provide wilderness experiences designed to resolve conflict and create reconciliation, peace and security". By creating a powerful network of committed peace builders, JPB and its partners, will endeavor to heal our youth, eliminate the destructive aspects of tribalism and create a stable future, full of hope, for the youth of Africa.

Janam comes from the Luo tribe in Kenya and loosely translates as "People of the River/Wilderness". It is symbolic to the Luo and to our mission in that it serves as a reminder that we can always turn to nature to soothe our pain and hunger - both physically and spiritually.

"What I hear, I forget; what I see, I remember; what I do, I know."

This Chinese proverb mirrors JPB teaching philosophy. We believe that the best wilderness education comes through experienctial learning. We explain, demonstrate and immediately practice new skills. We give our students responsibility in the wilderness; the relationship between action and result is vivid and gratifying. Student successes and mistakes are equally important to learning. We teach our students to be safe and knowledgeable visitors of the wilderness and use the skills learned to develop hands-on experience.

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